GPS Tracking

Nammavaagan offers a GPS tracking system in Tiruchirappalli and across india. GPS devices is the best thing for tracking solutions. Our GPS vehicle tracking devices work on worldwide GPS satellite network and customers can identify truck location real time through GPRS or SMS.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

How GPS works

GPS Tracking device mainly consists of two parts such as GPS module and GSM module. GPS module is for getting location data from satellite, and GSM module is for transferring data to server so that people can check the information via PC or mobile phone.

Real time vehicle tracking means that the tracking device relays the information and its location live to your PC. In other words you can view the location and other information live and in real time. With Trinetra’s Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System, your mobile workforce need never be out of sight or mind. Trinetra offers real time data, including vehicle location, speed and other information, all at your fingertips.

Highlights :

• No need of Internet connection for tracking.
• No need to subscribe software for monitoring
• Just Track by SMS
• Create Virtual Fence around your Asset and get notify when enter and/or exit
• Stop Engine by SMS
• Get Alert by SMS or Call or Both
• Real time visibility of vehicle location
• View current position and status of vehicles
• Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location
• Historical data of routes, site visits, vehicle speeds, idling, driver behaviour and much more
• Real-time traffic updates
• Monitor excessive speeding
• A range of alarms and alerts
• Improved security and protection for drivers and vehicles
• Record out of hours / unauthorized vehicle use
• Reports - tailored and emailed to your inbox

Features :

• Small size and easy for installation
• GSM Quad-band
• GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network
• High sensitive GPS chipset
• Built-in GSM & GPS antenna
• Disable or enable engine remotely
• Detect the ignition on/off
• Emergency alarm
• Power-off alarm
• Over-speed alarm
• Moving alarm
• Geo-fence alarm
• Voice Monitoring

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Software Features :

• GPS for Real time Truck Tracking
• Real time track of Truck status, Speed Status, Location address in Google Map by WEB based / WAP-based (mobile phone) application
• Truck / Load and Driver Security.
• Better Vehicle Utilizations
• Command the Device to get Vehicle Location, Telephone Monitor, Enable and Disable Engine
• SMS and email configuration to receive alarms
• Alarm Settings - Set Threshold Limit for Speed/Parking/Idle/Fatigue/Geo-Fence
• Define Point of Interest and Geo-Fence area
• Draw Route and Route Plan, Search Vehicle
• Multi Vehicle Tracking
• Location monitor via SMS
• Improved customer support.

Reports :

• Alarm Records and Alarm Frequency
• Vehicle Mileage (Consolidate and Date-Wise)
• Parking Statistics
• Vehicle Status and Driving Records
• Historical Play Back options (Route travelled)
• Running Trip - Total KMS travelled
• Idling Statistics
• Geo-fencing options
• Mileage In Area is working with the top GPS service providers for this service and all our customers get a special discount on the devices. Please call us at 0431 421 8330 whatsapp: 6374211921 for a special reduction.